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A final source of possible confirmation for what Jean has claimed would be the researchers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, who have been investigating the case for many years ... However, to a certain extent, as reflected in Jean Hill's book, a "mutual admiration society" has developed ... to the point where Jean is allowed to make totally unsubstantiated statements without at all being challenged (such as her claim to have stood throughout the assassination, or to have been escorted by agents to the courthouse.) It could be in part because some of Jean's allegations complement the "Badgeman" theory or the belief that the FBI and Secret Service were involved in the assassination (or at least the coverup). [Excerpted from Peter's article.]

Below is a copy of a letter sent to Peter Whitmey from Jack White, which perfectly illustrates the "mutual admiration society" concept.

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June 21, 1995

Dear Peter,

A quick reply to your form letter of June 11 regarding sales of your article about Jean Hill. As you say, as a reader of the Fourth Decade, I am familiar with your previous writings.

I decline to order your critical piece because I doubt that it adds any new "truth" to research into the JFK investigation. I have known Jean Hill for nearly 15 years, and I assure you that the Dealey Plaza experiences she related initially were exactly the same that she reported to authorities in November 1963, with the additional startling revelation that federal agents took her into custody that afternoon and interviewed her and Mary about the Polaroid photos. This was long before she emerged as a "latter-day JFK personality" in Nigel Turner's documentary and other 25th anniversary specials.

Unfortunately, from the beginning, three very minor possible discrepancies have slightly dimmed Jean's important observations ("the dog in the car", "I stepped into the street" and the "red snow cone"). Those were her truthful (though maybe erroneous) observations that shocking afternoon. And in recent years, she may possibly have unconsciously added a few minor embellishments to fit new information (such as Badgeman). Undimmed, however, are the things she says which we know are true.

Much of your critical information seems to have come (judging from the quotes in your flyer) from several "researchers" I believe to be disinformation agents and rude as well ("You are a liar, Jean!"). Instead of personal attacks on witnesses and other researchers, I suggest you devote your study to looking for clues regarding the perpetrators of the murder. You have done a pointless disservice to a very nice lady (who bakes very good cookies!) and a good friend of real researchers.


Jack White

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