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Reference to Jean's testimony is also made by Henry Hurt in his 1985 book REASONABLE DOUBT (Henry Holt & Co.:N.Y.).

In a brochure written by Ms. Conover Hunt available at the entrance to the "Sixth Floor Exhibit" at the former TSBD in Dallas, 23 witnesses are listed including Mary Moorman but not Jean Hill, which she believes was "deliberate" in her case (letter from Jean Hill to Peter Whitmey, Jan. 8, 1992). Ms. Hunt insists this was not the case, but the list was related to an "exhibit panel" which includes Mary's photo (letter from Conover Hunt to Peter Whitmey, Aug. 24, 1992.)

Although Jean was not the person shown on the cover of SATURDAY EVENING POST (Dec. 2, 1967) as she claims, she and Mary Moorman are shown on the cover of the 1964 book THE WITNESSES (Bantam: N.Y.) edited by the NYT (although neither her testimony nor her affidavit are included.)

Recently, a digitized version of the Zapruder film has been released by MPI Home Video ("Image of an Assassination...") in both DVD and VHS formats - which show 64% more frame image information that previously available. In 1994, I was only able to confirm that Jean Hill was looking directly at President Kennedy as late as Frame 309, but the MPI versions of Zapruder's home movie clearly show her continuing to look at JFK at Frames 312-313 - the moment of the head shot. [01/99]

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