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Jean Hill on 11/22/63
Jean Hill (left), and Mary Moorman.

Jean Hill - The Lady in Red

WBAP-TV (Fort Worth/Dallas NBC affiliate) Interviews

Broadcast over NBC at 1:11 p.m. C.S.T.

Q. "What is your name ma'am?''

A. "Jean Hill.''

Q. "From Dallas?"

A. "That's right."

Q. "Did you hear the shooting, Miss?"

A. "Yes sir."

Q. "Could you describe what happened?"

A. "Yes Sir.''

Q. "Will you do that now?"

"Ah...They were driving along...ah...and we were the only people in this area, on our side and the shots came from directly across the street from us, and just as the president's car became directly even with us, we...we took one look at him and he was sitting there - he and Jackie were looking at a dog that was in the middle of the...seat, and about that time two shots rang out just as he looked up - just as the president looked up - and these two shots rang out, as he grabbed his chest, and... looked like he was in pain, and he fell over the seat, and Jackie fell over on him and said, 'My God he's been, shot!"

Q. "Ah..have.."

A. "...And after that more shots rang out and the car sped away."

Q. "What kind of car was that?"

A. "What kind of car was it? The president's car.'

Q. "Well, no...Where did the shots come from?"

A. "The shots came from the hill."

Q. "From the hill?"

A. "Yes..ah..It was just east of the underpass ... and we were on the south side."

Q. "Did you see..could you..did you look up there where the shots came from, ma'am?"

A. "Yes Sir.''

Q. "Could you see anyone?"

A. "I thought I saw this man running, but I looked at the president, you know, for a while, and I looked up there and I thought I saw a man running and so, right after that, I guess I didn't have any better sense, I started running up there too." (Note: along with many others.)

Q. "Ah, huh. And what is your name?"

A. "Jean Hill."

Q. "G-E-A-N?"

A. "J-E-A-N."

Q. "J-E-A-N ... And what is your address?"

A. "9402 Bluffcreek."

(Film interview shown on Nov. 22, 1963)

"...Just as Mary started to take the picture (shown), and the president became..came right even with us, two shots - we looked at him and he was looking at a dog in the middle of the seat two shots rang out and he grabbed his chest, and a look of pain on his face, and fell across towards Jackie, and she..ah..fell over on him and said, "My God, he's shot!" and..ah..there was an interval and then three or more shots rang out..by that time, the motorcade had sped away."

(Note: Mary Moorman asked why she took the picture "at that particular instance" and whether she knew the president had been shot - she didn't.)

Q. "Did you see..were you a witness..did you see the person who..who fired the..?"

A. "No, not..I didn't see any person fire the weapon."

Q. "You only heard it."

A. "I only heard it..and I looked up and I saw a man running up this hill."

Q. "Ah..you had no idea ... you couldn't...

A. "No..I had no idea..and nothing to go by..I mean, I do n't think it dawned on me for an instance that the president had been shot..I mean, I knew, and yet it just didn't register."

(Note: Mary is asked if she got a look at the fence - she didn't; she also indicated having dropped to the ground immediately.)

The Lady in Red

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