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Edge Print Analysis of the Zapruder Original Movie Film and Secret Service Copies

Reference Documents (supplied to Kodak by the ARRB) Received from the ARRB (with the exception of those documents listed, all correspondence to/from the ARRB by/to Kodak or R. Zavada as consultant shall be made available for the record by the ARRB).

File Number A1-1
Memorandum, Doug Home to David Marwell and Jeremy Gunn, dated April 9, 1997. Re: Examination of Zapruder films held by the National Archives. (6 pages plus 15 Attachments.) Note: Only attachments pertinent to Study 1 are appended,

Attachment 1 of Memorandum, affidavits supplied with Zapruder letter to Jackson.

Affadavits in this Attachment: Kodak processing and numbering of KII 8mm film as 0183, affidavit signed by Phillip Chamberlain; printing of Zapruder 8mm KII film by the JAMIESON film company, affidavit signed by Frank Sloan; processing and numbering of Zapruder Kodachrome II prints as 0185, 0186 & 0187, Kodak affidavits signed by Tom Nulty.

Attachment 2 of Memorandum, letter Zapruder to Jackson 11/25/63, confirming he took the 8mm film of the Assassination and had it processed.

Attachment 5 of Memorandum, Hand drawn "film map" of Zapruder film and copies (2 pages).

Attachment 7 of Memorandum, tabulated description of Zapruder film copies at National Archives, March 31, 1997, draft by D. Horne (3 pages).

Attachment 10 of Memorandum, US Secret Service memo dated January 22, 1964, from Agent Sorrels, Dallas, to Inspector Melley, regarding his actions November 22, 1963, and contact with A. Zapruder and Kodak.

Attachment 13 of Memorandum, "Film Map" of Secret Service Copy 1, prepared by D. Horne.

Attachment 14 of Memorandum, "Film Map of Secret Service Copy 2," prepared by D. Horne.

Selected extracts from exhibit 885 of the HEARINGS Before the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, Executive Order 11130 and S.J. Res. 137, 88th Congress, Volume XVIII.

Correspondence Pertaining to Study 1

Follow-up Report of meeting with members of the Assassination Records Review Board, by R. J. Zavada, 19 December 1996. (10 pages)

Letter of January 7, 1997 from James Milch to Dr. David Marwell transmitting the Follow-up Report by R. J. Zavada to ARRB.

Letter of January 9, 1997 by R. J. Zavada, to provide correction to Follow-up Report A1-3, by adding edge print information for EKTACHROME E3 film.

Letter of February 6, 1997 from David Marwell to James Milch acknowledging receipt of Zavada report, noting and correcting two misstatements, and requesting cost estimates for a proposed plan of work.

Letters Sent:

Letter of June 29, 1997 to five former management employees of Kodak Dallas Processing Laboratory requesting edge print and film handling information.

Letter of August 8 to five former management employees of Kodak Dallas Processing Laboratory reporting the minutes of the July 28 breakfast meeting and requesting input to the interpretation of events.

Copies of correspondence exchanged by E-mail with Richard Blair - for efficiency are combined with "Letters Received," A1-12

Letter of June 18, 1998 to D. Home of the ARRB requesting clarification of footage values reported in his "Film Map" of the Zapruder film and its copies.

Cover letter of June 29, 1998 to five former management employees of Kodak Dallas Processing Laboratory transmitting June 26 draft of Study 1, Part 3 and requesting confirmation or corrections.

Letters Received:

Mr. Phillip Chamberlain's manuscript depicting events related to the handling and processing of the Zapruder films by Kodak in 1963. Original was written in the late 1970s. Cover note stipulates that he added footnote revisions following June 1997 discussions with Zavada and Blair.

Series of short E-mail messages between R. Zavada and Dick Blair coordinating information and activity on Dallas Laboratory processing markings.

Letter received from John K. Anderson about his recollection of events related to the processing of the Zapruder films - in response to my June 29, 1997 letter and telephone request for information.

Note: The brief responses to my June 29 letter requesting review and corrections to 6/26 Draft of Part-3 are reported in the text.

Telephone Interviews:

Compendious notes of telephone conversations with former Dallas Laboratory processing personnel.

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