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Roy L. Schaeffer

I have corresponded both in writing and on the telephone with Roy L. Schaeffer, and would like to correct a couple of my statements made earlier this year...

1. In a post I made earlier this year, I stated that Roy thought Secret Service Agent Greer (the driver) "killed" the President. I made that statement in error. Mr. Schaeffer believes that Greer is responsible for a shot being fired that day... but not necessarily a fatal one.

2. When I wrote that Mr. Schaeffer could not define the heritage of his copy of the Zapruder film he was analyzing, I reported what he had told me earlier this year accurately. But Mr. Schaeffer has just advised me that he CAN identify the heritage of his film - but he wishes that information not to be published at this time.

3. I wrote that Schaeffer didn't know exactly what the manufacturer of the limo's emergency flasher circuitry specifications were for the "blink rate" of such circuitry. Mr. Schaeffer advises that future printings of Assassination Science will be updated with more information on this topic.

Mr. Schaeffer is currently discussing the heritage of the National Archives copy of the Zapruder film with several entities. He wants us all to more closely examine Zapruder Frame 295, and he has several other works in progress.

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