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I'm Just A Patsy

On the evening of November 22, 1995, Patsy Paschall did indeed appear on local television. She surfaced with now retired FBI special agent in charge (Dallas) Oliver "Buck" Revell on Dallas' local FOX affiliate KDFW, channel 4. Reville was allowed to observe what Patsy felt was the most important part of her home movie, some flashes of light behind the picket fence. Revell considered them interesting and in need of additional study.

Unfortunately, as the somewhat apologetic reporter observed, there was little likelihood of such study occurring. Patsy, you see, was interested in selling the film and would have to consult her attorney.

Lost in all this was Patsy's admission of the position of Kennedy's limousine when the flashes of light occurred. The episode took place after Kennedy's vehicle had gone under the triple underpass. Careful checking by film experts later revealed those flashes may have taken place fifty seconds after the last shot was fired!

Dave Perry
4601 Ainsworth Circle
Grapevine, Texas 76051

December 16, 1995