Zapruder Film is Authentic

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The Zapruder Film is Authentic

After being threatened with litigation on the telephone late one Sunday night by Jim Fetzer for publicly voicing my opinion that his compilation, Assassination Science, lacked basic scientific research methods...

And after Fetzer's - and others' - attempts to discredit ANYONE who found faults with ANY poorly presented propaganda...

I realized I was on the right track.

It's over, Z-Film alterationists.

Messrs. Lifton, Fetzer, White, Mantik, Schaeffer - and Twyman and others - need to move on to other subjects to research. And all authors' works need to be carefully scrutinzed, so that the duping of the public with their "The Zapruder Film is altered..." nonsense never occurs again.

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Brief Overview of Zapruder Film Alteration Argument

by Martin Shackelford

Roland Zavada Dissects the Zapruder Camera

The world's foremost authority on Zapruder's 8mm emulsion
sees no indication of alteration

The Zavada Report

Published exclusively here, Roland Zavada's Report to the
Assassination Records Review Board

More Un-scholarly Tripe from Fetzer; Zavada Replies to Lifton

In Fetzer's book, David Lifton spends 100+ pages proving ... well, nothing.

Josiah Thompson's Presentation in Dallas, 11/98

...including Zapruder Film possession timeline

Martin Shackelford Reviews the Zavada Report

Notes on 10 Zapruder films...Bronson, Muchmore, Nix films...autopsy photographs

Depth of Field and Zapruder Film Authenticity

Joe Durnavich studies the Zapruder film

Jack White's "Great Zapruder Film Hoax" Video

Notes on White's "research" video

Jack White's Video Rings Very Hollow

Martin Shackelford isn't impressed, either

Jean Hill - The Lady in Red

Jack White wants you to believe Jean Hill's every word...
decide for yourselves if she is a reliable witness

Jack White Addresses Critiques

...but not through "regular" channels

Comments received on these pages

Careful...some of these aren't pretty...