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Kerry on Grassy Knoll
Kerry McCarthy speaks to Grassy Knoll assemblage November 22, 1997.

Kennedy Family Member Speaks Out

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I am sorry that you, the reader, cannot "feel" the words of Kerry McCarthy as attendees of the 2nd Annual JFK Lancer "November in Dallas"
ceremonies did on November 22, 1997 in Dallas. Kerry made an empassioned speech...a groundbreaking speech...and she made all attendees feel,
for a moment, as if we were part of her life as her personable style seemed to "shrink" the dimensions of the room to intimate proportions.

Take a few extra moments to view the selection below that includes a couple pictures taken in Dallas on November 22, 1997. Thank you.

Kerry McCarthy's 11/22/97 Address to JFK Lancer Conference

Kerry McCarthy's 11/22/97 Address - no pictures, just text.

Permission to post this speech on this site obtained by Kerry McCarthy.
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