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Will Fritz
Captain Will "I think the case is cinched"* Fritz

The Fritz Notes

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From Captain Fritz' Warren Commission testimony...

Mr. BALL. Do you remember what you said to Oswald and what he said to you?

Mr. FRITZ. I can remember the thing that I said to him and what he said to me, but I will have trouble telling you which period of questioning those questions were in because I kept no notes at the time, and these notes and things that I have made I would have to make several days later, and the questions may be in the wrong place...

Below are each of the five pages of Capt. Fritz' handwritten notes that the Assassination Records Review Board obtained and released on November 20, 1997.

Also offered is his Testimony in Warren Commission Volumes IV and XV, his Affadavit that appears in WC Volume VII, and where Walt Brown discovered Fritz mentioned in the Warren Report.

ARRB Press Release of November 20 1997
Where Walt Brown Found Fritz in WC Report
Notes 1 | Notes 2 | Notes 3 | Notes 4 | Notes 5
WC Volume IV | WC Volume XV | WC Affadavit

Fritz & Day Contaminate a Rifle HEIGHT=
Fritz and Day contaminate a rifle.

* - On November 24, 1963, the New York Times ran a headline that read, "Police Say Prisoner is the Assassin..." with another story entitled, "Evidence Against Oswald Described as Conclusive." This article quoted Fritz as saying, "We're convinced beyond any doubt that he killed the President ... I think the case is cinched."